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Finreon Funds

Discover how Finreon Smart Beta, Risk Control and Sustainability Funds can be used in your portfolio. Click on the individual components for further information.

Finreon Tail Risk Control®Reduce large drawdowns in a crash through risk-controlled investments

The Finreon Tail Risk Indicator measures the probability of large tail events (crashes) on equity markets systematically and on a daily basis by means of various market factors. Accordingly, the fund's equity quota is set between 0% (high measured risks) and 100% (low measured risks), depending on the prevailing market regime as indicated by the TRI.

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Finreon Premium Stable IncomeStable earnings with moderate capital fluctuations

The characteristics of the Finreon Equity IsoPro® strategy ensure a broad diversification. Concentration risks are explicitly avoided. Total risk is similar to a well-diversified equity investment in the respective stock market. The IsoPro® approach is available on different universes.

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Finreon Fixed Income Risk Control®Harvesting systematic risk premia with reduced drawdowns

Finreon Fixed Income Risk Control® systematically and dynamically manages duration and credit exposure through the Fixed Income Risk Indicator (FIRI). Thereby, investors can profit from risk premia on interest rate and credit risk, while simultaneously controlling for large drawdowns.

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Finreon IsoPro®Diversified investment with optimized risk-return profile

The characteristics of IsoPro® ensure broad diversification. Cluster risks are to be explicitly avoided. The risk corresponds to a broadly diversified investment in the respective stock market. The IsoPro® approach is available on different universes.

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Finreon Multi Premia®Optimal combination of seven factor premiums

The systematic approach of Finreon Multi Premia® enables to harvest seven scientifically proven return sources. The Multi Premia® approach is available in an alternatively weighted version, as a minimum variance weighted version with a reduced risk (defensive) or as an official SPI® index of the Swiss stock exchange (SIX).

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Finreon Carbon Focus®Reduction of the carbon footprint

The objective of Finreon Carbon Focus® is not only to reduce the carbon footprint of portfolios with a market-based solution but to neutralize it. Investors benefit from a flexible and consistent sustainability solution - at 100% equity risk premium.

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