Bonds investable again with Finreon Fixed Income Risk Control®

In the low interest rate environment, Swiss investors are increasingly confronted with the fact that about 40% of the average asset allocation (bonds and liquidity) yields low or even negative returns. Moreover, these low returns come with high risks especially in the event of a rapid rise in interest rates - the asset class bonds has thus changed from 'risk-free return' to 'return-free risk'.

With Fixed Income Risk Control, Finreon now offers a simple overall solution that systematically manages and hedges interest rate and credit risks without sacrificing the long-term return potential of bond investments: The aim is to make the bond asset class investable again by means of risk control.

The Finreon Fixed Income Risk Control Fund® was successfully launched on February 24, 2015. This gives investors the opportunity to manage the interest rate and credit risk on the bond asset class even for small volumes using a simple building block. CHF-hedged tranches are also offered in all share classes.
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