Finreon Swiss Equity IsoPro®

The Finreon Swiss Equity IsoPro® invests in 75 of the largest stocks of the Swiss equity market. In a first step, equal weights are applied to all positions (Iso). In a second step, the weights are optimized towards the minimum-variance portfolio (Pro). As a result, the concentration risks of the Swiss equity market are avoided which leads to a better risk-return profile. The total risk born by the investor is similar to a well diversified Swiss equity investment. The fund is suitable for investors who wish to participate in the development of the Swiss equity market in a broadly diversified manner.


Fund facts

Fund name Finreon Swiss Equity IsoPro® (CHF)
Fund umbrella SGKB (CH) Fund
Domicile Switzerland
Structure Fund according to Swiss Law, FINMA-regulated
Currency CHF
Liquidity Daily
Inception 28.10.2011
Distribution policy Distributing
Investment advisor Finreon Ltd
Investment manager St.Galler Kantonalbank Ltd
Fund management GAM Investment Management (Switzerland) Ltd
Custody bank State Street Bank, Zurich
Remarks No sec lending/ no leverage/no short-selling


Strategy name Swiss Equity IsoPro®
Benchmark Swiss Performance Index (SPI)
Asset class Equity
Region Switzerland
Number of stocks <= 75
Classes ISIN Currency Min. Investment
Management Fee
Swiss Equity IsoPro® (CHF) - A CH0127799929 CHF - 1.50%
Swiss Equity IsoPro® (CHF) - C CH0127799937 CHF 0.5 mio. 0.75%
Swiss Equity IsoPro® (CHF) - D CH0210244213 CHF 5 mio. to be agreed individually