Finreon ZeroCarbon® Offset Certificate

Finreon ZeroCarbon® Offset represents a unique combination of a climate-friendly global equity portfolio and an innovative total return swap overlay (Finreon ZeroCarbon® Hedge). The strategy has a strong negative carbon exposure and can be used to reduce the carbon exposure of existing investment portfolios. Furthermore, the patent-pending ZeroCarbon® approach puts increased price pressure on companies with high carbon emissions. Finreon ZeroCarbon® Offset reduces the climate risks of a global equity investment and exploits the opportunities arising from climate change. The risk profile of the investment corresponds to that of a global equity investment. The strategy follows a quantitative approach.


Fund facts

Certificate name Open-End Tracker Certificates in USD on the Finreon ZeroCarbon Offset Index
Domicile Switzerland
Currency USD
Inception 16. August 2021
Investment advisor Finreon Ltd.
Asset manager Credit Suisse Ltd.
Issuer Credit Suisse Ltd.


Name Finreon ZeroCarbon® Offset
Asset class Equity
Region World ex CH (developed countries)
Bloomberg Ticker CSJAFCOT Index
SVSP Producttyp ISIN Currency Output price Management Fee Maturity Date
1300 / Tracker Certificate CH0573131049 USD USD 1'000 approx. 1.5% Open-Ended