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Smart Beta Solutions

Smart Beta describes all alternative weighting methods, which depict the market risk (so-called Beta) in a more intelligent way than classic indices do. By avoiding inefficiencies of the market exposure, Smart Beta solutions promise a higher risk-adjusted return in the long-run. 

Finreon IsoPro®

Optimized Indexing Passive investments have been enjoying great popularity for years, but they also carry many disadvantages. The IsoPro® concept systematically removes the indices’ «construction deficits» such as clumb risks, passive noise and inefficiency. It therefore pursues outperformance and improved return/risk characteristics.

In the following we will gladly take you on a tour through the world of Finreon IsoPro®:

Smart Beta as a trend

Structural deficits

IsoPro the solution

Finreon Sustainable IsoPro

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Finreon Multi Premia®

Diverse factors explain the equity returns Through a passive investment, investors are unconsiously and unsystematically exposed to these factors. By the use of one investment, Multi Premia® allows to invest systematic and diversified investments into multiple sources of return and is therefore suitable as a smart replacement for a core investment. 

In the following we will gladly take you on a tour through the world of Multi Premia®:

Where do returns come from?

Combination of the sources of return

Multi Premia the solution

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