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Risk Control Solutions

Finreon Tail Risk Control®

Risk controlled investing Several crashes have destroyed the stock returns in the last years - how can these «black swans» be identified? The Finreon Tail Risk Indicator measures by the use of a variety of factors the market risk for crashes on a daily basis. The result - the risk of the current market phase - is then shown as a risk signal light: Red for high risk, yellow for normal risk and green for low risk. Based on this risk indication, the equity quota is managed in a risk controlled and dynamic way. The implementation is available on different region allocations via Finreon Tail Risk Control® funds or mixed mandates.

In the following we will gladly take you on a tour through the world of Finreon Tail Risk Control®:

Two black swans

Risk of equity will be compensated

Tail Risk Indicator


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Finreon Fixed Income Risk Control®

Despite historic low interest rates and scarcity of investment opportunities the academic research shows that interest rate and credit risks are compensated by a systematic risk premium in the long turn. Finreon Fixed Income Risk Control® manages duration and credit exposure dynamically and systematically. This way investors can profit from risk premia on interest rate and credit risk, while at the same time controlling for drawdowns. Thereby, Finreon Fixed Income Risk Control®  is ideally suited to optimise the risk/return profile for fixed income securities and circumvent the scarcity of investment opportunities.  

In the following we will gladly take you on a tour through the world of Fixed Income Risk Control®:

Long-term compensation

Problem: Higher drawdowns

Fixed Income Risk Indicator (FIRI)