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Finreon Premium Solutions – Invest like leading institutional investors

Complex challenges – The market environment has changed in recent years. Today, additional risks have to be taken in order to generate the desired returns. Wealthy private individuals and family offices are confronted with complex challenges in asset management.
Capital preservation & steady earnings – The preservation of capital for one’s own future as well as for future generations is central to many wealthy private clients. This requires robust portfolios that can successfully survive in a constantly changing market environment.
Invest like institutional investors – The investment needs of wealthy individuals and family offices are increasingly aligned with those of large institutional investors. Experiences and know-how from the institutional world can be transferred to the portfolios of private investors.

Finreon Premium Solutions

Finreon Premium Stable Income

The importance of equities as an asset class is growing in an environment of low interest rates. However, equities as an asset class are subject to substantial risks. In addition to normal market fluctuations (volatility), for which investors are compensated with a positive premium over the long run, there are crashes (tail events) on the stock markets. Finreon Premium Stable Income offers an investment solution tailored to this challenging environment:
  • Stable and recurring earnings through the selection of high-dividend quality stocks based upon patented Finreon strategies
  • Moderate fluctuations in the invested capital due to a defensive portfolio construction as well as state-of-the-art risk management
Finreon Premium Stable Income draws on the latest scientific research in the field of financial market theory and Finreon’s many years of experience with institutional investors.