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Update to the beginning of the year


More return per unit risk with passive, not market capitalized indices

As a spin-off from the University of St.Gallen and as a longtime think-tank, it is a pleasure to give you an update on the performance of our IsoPro® strategies.
Since their launch, all of our IsoPro® solutions could outperform in all markets. IsoPro® are rule-based, semipassive and broadly diversified strategies which are ideally suited for institutional equity portfolios. Since their launch, all IsoPro® strategies outperformed their benchmarks.

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  • Since their launch, all IsoPro® strategiey outperformed their benchmarks.
  • All IsoPro® strategies could achieve an annual outperformance after costs.
  • In markets with positive Sharpe Ratio, a better return/risk ratio could be obtained.
  • Therefore: IsoPro® solutions are ideally suited to substitute a market-cap core investment.
  • With its IsoPro® solutions, Finreon is one of the leading Smart Beta provider in Switzerland. More information can be found on our webpage: Finreon IsoPro®.

For questions and detailed documentation on the Finreon IsoPro® strategies please contact:

Simon T. Müller, Head of Business Development, Finreon AG (, +41 71 230 08 10)

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