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Third Academic Brown Bag Seminar by Finreon and SIX


Third Academic Brown Bag Seminar by Finreon and SIX

At the 26th of February 2019 the third academic Brown Bag Seminar took place. We were pleased to welcome over 80 participants from various renowned companies in the financial sector to this fruitful event at the Au Prémier in Zurich. As in previous years, the latest academic papers from the field of financial market research were presented in a short and easily understandable format and made available to the participants. At the following networking lunch, lively discussions continued.


The impulse presentations in detail

Investor behavior: Long-term investors behave procyclically
Bradley A. Jones
Leaning with the Wind: Long-Term Asset Owners and Procyclical Investing
Journal of Investment Management, 2017. 17(2), pp. 16-38.
Speaker: Dr. Ulrich Carl, Finreon
Unique position of the USA in the global financial system
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, Hélène Rey & Nicolas Govillot
Exorbitant Privilege and Exorbitant Duty
Working Paper, October 2017
Speaker: Dr. Alexander Gruber, Finreon

Negative bubbles: Recovery after big crashes
William N. Goetzmann & Dasol Kim
Negative Bubbles: What happens after a Crash
European Financial Management, 2018. 24(2), pp.171-191
Speaker: Dr. Ulrich Carl, Finreon


Download: Presentation Brown Bag Seminar 2019 (German)

Brown Bag Seminar 2019
(from left to right; Mischa Imhof (SIX), Dr. Ralf Seiz (Finreon), Denis Meier Fehr (SIX))

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