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SPI Single Premia Index (Payoff Magazine, 2017)


SPI Single Premia Index - Welches Schweinderl hättens denn gern? (Payoff Magazine, 2017)

The seven Single Premia Indices arising from the cooperation between SIX and the finance boutique Finreon isolate factors which offer a long-term above-average potential. These factors are for example Value (cheap stocks), Momentum (systematic trend) or Low Risk (defensive stocks). However, exploiting the added value of single factor premia is not a simple matter. It requires a profound understanding of isolated factors combined with strategic time-based stock allocation. Only then can semi-active indices outperform classic passive indices.  

Read here the article by Dieter Haas about the ZKB-Tracker-Certificates that base on our SPI Single Premia Indices. The article was published on the website (The article is in German language.)

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