Akademisches Brownbag Seminar

The academic Brown Bag Seminar takes place in cooperation with SIX. At the brown bag seminar, current academic papers from financial market research are presented in a short and easy-to-understand format and made accessible to the participants. At the subsequent networking lunch, there will be lively discussions.

Here you can find the topics of the last Brown Bag Seminars

Brown Bag Seminar 2019
  • Investor Behavior: Long-term investors behave procyclically
  • Unique position of the U.S. in the global financial system
  • Negative bubbles: Recoveries after big crashes
Brown Bag Seminar 2018
  • More attractive risk-return characteristics through risk management
  • U.S. monetary policy driving the global financial cycle
  • Benchmarking as a driver of demand for high-beta equities
Brown Bag Seminar 2017
  • Factor timing - a controversy with different counter-positions
  • Loss aversion: It is always others who are to blame
  • How can the success of smart beta strategies be measured?

Presentation of the Brownbag Seminar (only in German)

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